National Vocational Qualifications

What are National Vocational Qualifications?

National vocational qualifications are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge skills, and competencies needed to do a certain job or function. They are developed in consultations with industry sectors and under the supervision of the NQA.

How are National Vocational Qualifications developed?

National Vocational Qualifications are developed through Recognized National Development Committee (RNDC). An RNDC consists of a group of organisations representing an industry sector/occupation nationally.

The steps to develop a National Vocational Qualifications are:

  1. The RNDC submits an official application to NQA for establishment
  2. The application reviewed by a committee at NQA and presented to VETAC for consideration.
  3. VETAC will issue a resolution approving establishment of the RNDC.
  4. The RNDC can then begin developing the Qualification and supporting documents, including Functional Analysis, Occupation Profiles and Unit Standards.

What is the Value of National Vocational Qualifications?

  1. They are quality assured regarding their content, development, training and assessment.
  2. They are delivered by Registered Training Providers who are approved by NQA and Awarding Bodies.
  3. They are recognized inside the UAE and other countries with alignment agreements.
  4. They enable learners to pursue employment, job promotion / transfer, or further education.

Who can deliver National Vocational Qualifications?

Only NQA Registered Training Providers (RTPs) can offer these qualifications.

How can I join a national vocational qualification?

You can join through Registered Training Providers only.
List of Registered Educational and Training Providers : View file - Download file

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