Industry Sectors

An industry sector is a group of companies, regulatory, and professional bodies that are related based on their primary business activities.

As per QFEmirates there are 12 major sectors and 47 sub-sectors. Among the sectors are Government services and public administration; Community, health and social services; Business, administration and financial services. Sub-sectors belonging to these sectors include Government services; Defence Forces; Public Administration; Community; Health Services; Social Services; Administration, Business Services; Financial Services.

National Qualifications Framework Handbook : View file - Download file

NQA builds partnerships with most sectors and sub-sectors, mainly in establishing Recognised National Development Committee (RNDC) in developing National Vocational Qualifications for occupations within their respective industry sector, e.g. Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Emirates Foundation, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, NAWAH, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies.

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