Data Management

The National Qualifications Authority follows best practices in data management and adopts the "smart government data" initiative developed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the United Arab Emirates as a framework for data management, and works on the "government data maturity" enabler that is being measured by the Federal “Competitiveness Authority And statistic”.

Open Data:

NQA provides government data on a regular basis so that it can be used and exchanged with others without restrictions, and it improves benefit by making government data available, which enhances the principles of transparency and responsibility.

Government Data Maturity:

In order to ensure the correctness, relevance, quality and availability of data on time to support decision-making processes, the National Qualifications Authority is working on the “Government Data Maturity” indicator that is being measured by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority.

NQA is working to increase its capability to manage and provide high quality and updated data for decision makers in line with international standards and practices and to continuously improve its performance in meeting the requirements of the national agenda and indicators of global competitiveness

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