Open Data Policy

Open Data Policy

Policy goal

This policy aims to clarify policies on the management of open data on the website according to:

  • document the disclaimer on the website
  • Terms and conditions existing on the website
  • privacy policy on the website

Application area

Limited the scope of this document on the website of the National Qualifications Authority and given that the document is open for continuous development , its scope can be expanded as dictated by policy Emirates e-government and related instructions.

Terms of re-use of open data:

  1. This is the data usable and re-use and re-deployment by any individual or legal person or government.
  2. When you use this data must be noted that the source of the National Qualifications Authority in order to maintain ownership of the body of data and the credibility and validity of its source.
  3. The data must not misrepresent any user data or source or misleading others.
  4. These data should not be used for political purposes or to support illegal activity or criminal or used in racist or discriminatory purpose or Altogej or negative impact on the culture or equality or any other activity or incitement irregular or contrary to our customs and traditions. Comments
  5. National Qualifications Authority is responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect , incidental or accessory , special or extraordinary , perhaps arising from the use , or inability to use this open data , including without limitation loss of income , loss of reputation , loss of business , loss of data or computer crashes or work malfunction, or any other damages .
  6. The user acknowledges the open on the website of the National Qualifications Authority to use open data on the responsibility and the data body assumes no liability whatsoever to update all open data in the future especially when they are based on assumptions current and forecast may lead to the occurrence of certain risks and raise some doubts on the outcome of the results show a mismatch between the actual reality and the future expected and estimates .
  7. body is not considered legally responsible for any damage which may be suffered by the user or any other person as a result of the violation of secrecy on the information that may be transferred from the user open data section and does not compensate them for it.
  8. The electronic versions of the documents, the Commission published on this website for informational purposes only , the final version of any document of the body, the version of the original printed and signed maintained by the Commission, if it has the document was signed by the authorized person , the final version is the original printed and signatories held by the body , in the event of any discrepancy between the documents Valenschh retained by the body to prefer other versions
  9. National Qualifications Authority abandon all implied warranties and conditions with regard to information published in the Open Data section.

The responsibility of National Qualifications Authority

National Qualifications Authority data in the portal at the same time the body does not warrant that there are no remarks upon as such data as reported to it by the government agencies or as a result of providing services .National Qualifications Authority does not guarantee the continuity of the provision of this data or part of it as it does not bear any responsibility for data users and what might fall on them from damage or loss due to re-use this data

The responsibility of the user data

User data is to be responsible for re- use the data in the electronic gate of the body and should not result in re-use of this data any errors related to the content of the data and their origin and history.

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