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 Writing & Aligning Qualifications

Writing & Aligning Qualifications

The National Qualifications Authority aims to recognise, based on international quality assured procedures, all qualifications developed and issued by registered, licensed, and accredited education and training providers. This will assure that all qualifications developed in the UAE and recognised by the NQA will obtain their mutual international recognition.

To this end, the NQA started developing the inclusion, alignment, and placement policy as hereunder defined:

Alignment is the process whereby a qualification of a professional/ awarding body, usually based in another country, is recognized by the NQF to a relevant level.

Inclusion is the process whereby a qualification designed and issued by a UAE awarding body with a statutory state and satisfies the learning outcomes associated with the relevant level of the NQA is included within the NQF.

Placement is the process whereby a qualification developed by a recognised education and training provider before the establishment of NQF, even if not described in terms of learning outcomes or may not completely conform to the awards currently included in the NQF, is placed at the relevant level of the NQF when satisfying the relevant level qualifications standards.

The National Qualifications Authority will soon release its policies and processes for writing qualifications, alignment and inclusion.

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